Starlight Catcher – The first wearable solar charger


Our team has created the first wearable solar charger: The Starlight Catcher.

We just start our Kickstarter campaign.

You can see it here:

Our idea is pretty simple:  Despite the great step made by solar energy we are still reluctant to use a solar panel in everyday life to support our smartphone needs.

We are reluctant mainly because placing a panel under the sun and staying near it while it charges is not exactly fun.

So we decided to invent a way to carry your panel the whole day without even noticing it.

We created a clip to attach it to your backpack, bag, or in your trousers back-pocket so you can carry it around all day without notice, and just use the harvested energy in the night.

We always say we want to save our planet, then let’s start with something very simple, easy and economical in terms of money, time and effort.