MAGMENT is an innovative, cost-efficient material: recycled magnetic particles are embedded in a cement matrix, yielding a flowable material with a high DC-bias capability, low losses, and mechanical robustness. This allows for the design of rugged inductive components of any size and shape with a distributed air gap for minimized eddy current losses.

MAGMATH brings the inductor design experience straight to the user: he inputs electrical, dimensional and loss or temperature data straight into the intuitive User Interface, and in a matter of minutes, receives an inductor tailored to his specifications, and optimised for cost. The many available inputs allow the user to specify his design to a high degree, but the algorithm can generate a solution with just three pieces of information: nominal inductance and current LN and IN, and switching frequency f. This is due to a complex genetic global optimisation routine that runs in the backend, which dynamically generates dimensions and other electrical specifications, while striving to keep losses and operating temperature low. Our promise is that this tool will be the next step forward in magnetic design.

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